Frequently Asked Questions

Before anyone goes on to buy these gems there are some questions that can always pop up in any mind which is why we have thought of introducing this FAQ segment so that most common queries about these gems can be solved and if you still have some little bit doubt left in your mind then feel free to contact us whenever you want, we are always there to help you-

Services Offered

Do you always cut stones for jewelers, or can anyone have a gem cut?

Well in many cases we deal with jewelers, designers, investors and collectors but most of our client come from the retail consumer segment and hence anyone with a little bit of knowledge in case of gem can get his gem cut with a comfortable experience as per as your need.

I know what if want, but I don’t see it in your website. In fact there aren’t many gems on here at all! What should I do?

The sole purpose our website serves with is to provide our customers with knowledge and services we offer but that doesn’t mean that we only have those products that are listed on this website. The most portion of our dealings is though “custom” or “commissioned” channels and we have many other products also available for you which you can enquire about on a phone or on a mail.

I have some rough that I would like to cut. Do you provide this service?

Sorry for the inconvenience but we have stopped this services so as to maintain and uninterrupted supply to our current consumers without any delay which had become obligatory with the growth of our business.

I have a finished gem that I would like to have re-cut? Do you do this?


No, as per as the reason mentioned in the above question we have also stopped this service.

I’m looking for an exceptional colored stone for engagement ring. Can you help me?

Surely, a weeding is the most precious bond in everyone’s life and we will help you in finding a gem that can perfectly match your needs. We know it is one of the most precious things for anyone and should also be durable because of the purpose it serves and in case you have a proper idea that what you want then we will make sure of making everything perfect for you.

Is there a way that I could be notified when you have new gems available?

This is one common question that we have heard many times and this has been the reason why we started our newsletter service.  All you need to do is to sign in and then you have a complete access to all your latest pre cut gems. Many rough gems that are labeled as currently unavailable do not even pass into our main dealing as our newsletter subscribers are the first one to get their hands on them. Signing it also makes you accessible to certain set of discounts that are offered frequently.  You can unsubscribe to our list anytime you want to.

Do you provide certification of your gem stone?

Because we process our work on a significant scale so we are unable to get our gems checked or certified by nay third part lab but in case you want it done then we do offer this service. We offer certification from a renowned laboratory as per as customers request and the expenses are involved are added to the billing.             


Although there are lots of gems that are not certified but we are quite assured of all the gems we sell and thus Ratnaas offers a personal guarantee with every gem we sell and even if you ever come across a case of forged gem from Ratnaas then you are offered a complete refund of all the money you paid.

Purchases, Returns etc

What payments and shipping methods do you offer?

There is wide range of options available for our customers when it comes to shipping and payment. They can easily be seen our policy page.

What is average turnaround time for a stone to be cut?

Cutting of gems usually covers a time period of two days once we have the order but we at Ratnaas work with huge number of orders which may result in extending of this time period from about three to eight weeks which entirely depends on the work w have. We are always there to help you by offering you with the time period depending on our current workload.

What happens if I receive my gem and find it just isn’t for me? Do you accept returns?

The first and foremost thing that holds our utmost importance is our customer’s satisfaction.  You are acquitted with some major challenges when you think about buying gemstones online which includes image varying from the actual product and you are also hold off from the leisure of examining the gem by holding it. This is the reason that we offer flexible return and exchange policies so that our customer is guaranteed with sufficient amount of time to help him analyze the gem he purchased.

You are given a seven day time period to carefully examine your gem which follows on both pre and custom cut gems. To get more information regarding our return policy, you can always visit our policy page.  

Is it possible to have gems (cut or rough) memoed prior to purchase?


We certainly know this thing that there is no better alternative then having the feel of the gem in your hand to have an idea that this is the piece that you seek for. We offer convince to our customers to send out roughs after their assurance to purchase so that they can analyze every little bit thing of this gem. We do ask for payment in-front so it cannot be coincided with the traditional memo but you are returned with 100% payment minus the shipping cost after we revive gem in its original state.

Gemstone Treatment

What is your stance on gemstone treatment?

We carry out dealings in both “treated” and “non-treated” gems but we firmly believe that treated gems are not as good as non-treated one is just a hoax. The fact of being right or wrong certainly depends on the treatment being carried which is why the dealer should offer transparency when it comes to “treated” gems. Gems like tanzanite and parabita which are accredited with their beauty usually coming after their proper treatment. We have a firm belief that this thing entirely depends on the opinion of an individual customer which is why we try our best so as the customer is known well to all our treatment procedures.

Though still there are some treatments that we do not carry and nor we sell gems that are treated with these procedures including the likes of chemically treated gems and clarity enchantments that follows glass or resin filling treatment.

Do you offer untreated gems? How can I be sure?


For your first question then answer is yes as we offer untreated gems and as far as your other question there are some cases where the treated gem can be easily identified while in some complicated process we have outside laboratories. Though sometime it’s impossible for any lab too to determine that whether the gem is treated like the gems that have gone through the gem treatment. We are proud to have our gems treated at a renowned laboratory as per as our customers request and the certificate is all there to help you.

Trade vs Retail

What does it mean to be a “member if trade” when discussing gems and jewelry?

This is a term used to refer to those people working in the gems and jewelry industry. Gem cutters, loose gem dealers, jewelers and jewelry designers are all part of this.

Are prices on your website wholesale (Trade) or retail?

The prices showcased on our website and mailing list are generally same for both retail and trade buyers but in some cases we also offer special discounts to a limited number of trade buyers. Every person who is a legitimate member of gem and jewelry trade can discuss the terms with us about the possibility of these special discounts.

Benefits of Precision Cutting

What do the terms “commercial cut” and “precision cut” mean?

Commercial cut involves cutting a number of gems together where the entire stone with the help of a machine to cut with precision in a speedy manner with weight retention where time really matters.
While precision cuts involves cutting by an individual in delicate manner such that the gem achieves maximum beauty and there is no time limit bounded with it.

What are the benefits of precision cutting over standard commercial cuts?

The major portion of market is covered with commercial or native cuts which are nowhere wrong in aspect. Sometimes customers buys stone to recut them but find out that the original cutting is so picture perfect that the further cutting will not certainly add any further improvement and in most of these cases the gems go for re-sell. The cutting of gem certainly depends on the cutters which sometime are extraordinary with the equipment they use for cutting.
Although in majority of commercial cut stones, there is room for improvement with the poor symmetry, disjointed facets. The flatness and the polish quality is also poor resulting in a dispersed sparkle and in some cases there is also a trouble of “windowing”, a special condition where light can pass through the very centre of the stone instead of the reflection. This in some places is due to lack of knowledge or the increased emphasis on weight retention is the reason behind this. Thus commercial cut not only compromise the beauty of stone but also results in useless Weight due to much emphasis on Weight retention resulting in customer paying for excess weight.
Precious cut on the other hand involves dealing with delicacy so that the gem can attain its utmost beauty. The best cutter also knows that the cuts should not alter the aesthetic value and color of the product and Ratnaas have made a reputation to balance things to manage perfection. The time and effort which is exhausted in achieving such high level of precision also showcase use with some breathtaking results which are clearly reflected from the look of our gems.
We at Ratnaas use highly advanced modern computer technologies so as to make every gem perfect. We have at our disposal the best in class and infest equipments for the purpose of cutting and polishing gems generating flawless results.

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