Diamond is the most precious gem among all. This stone is the most beautiful and brightest stone and is famous for its different unique and beautiful colours. When diamond is exposed to light, its bluish, reddish, or a mixture of blue and red radiance of glittering luster make it one of the costliest among all. This gem is luminous and dazzling, and emits sparks of light. These gems are very rare on earth and hence this rare presence on planet make these stones so costly and very high in demand. It is very soothing to eyes and jewel of all ladies. Diamonds are delightful , radiant and effulgent and have very a unique structure which make it hardest of all. As per ancient Hindu scriptures there are eight types of diamonds Telia, Sanjoyi, Sbyamvaira, Vasanti, Kamlapati, Hanspati, Vajraneel and Vanaspati.


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